Zimbabwe: Zegu Lecturers Strike Over Salaries

Lecturers at ZAOGA owned Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) have stopped conducting online lectures demanding salaries and COVID-19 allowances equivalent to the ones paid State run Universities.

A lecturer who spoke to 263Chat on condition of anonymity said they have stopped conducting lectures owing to poor remuneration and dishonesty from authorities at the institution.

“We are fed up with the administration, they are not honouring on their promises. Last year we embarked on a similar strike and we had three meetings that culminated in our salaries being pegged equivalent to our colleagues at State Universities,” said the lecturer.

The lecturer said they have tried everything to have their grievances addressed by the University’s Chancellor and founder Professor Ezekiel Guti and they have been hitting the brick wall.

“We have tried to engage the administration but without any success and we have also written to the Chancellor Prof. Guti but it seems our letters are not reaching him. We feel that someone is blocking our efforts to reach the Chancellor,” he said.

The industrial action has disadvantaged online lectures prompting students to petition the institution’s Registrar. In a petition gleaned by 263Chat, SRC secretary general Takudzwa Mukove pleaded with the ZEGU authorities to reward the striking lecturers.

“Reference is made to the notice of industrial action which was served to you by ZEGU Lectures this year. In my capacity as the undersigned and as a student, we feel the strong chains of incapacitation that your administration has caused to our beloved Lecturers, depriving them of the means and motivation to discharge their duties efficiently.

“You have tied a heavy albatross around their necks and the resultant effect is injurious to student learning. From whence shall we drink, when our fountains of knowledge are drained dry? There is need for expediency in addressing Lecturers’ grievances to ameliorate the status of the institution gradually inclining into disrepute. We are cognisant of your Agreement with Lecturers in 2020 wherein you undertook to equate their salaries with those serving in state universities.