Zimbabwe: Women’s League Bemoans Low Participation in DCC

Midlands Bureau

Zanu PF Secretary for Women’s League, Cde Marble Chinomona, has bemoaned low participation in the on going District Coordination Committees elections by women.

Addressing a press conference in Gweru at the weekend, Cde Chinomona said women continued to confine themselves to the peripheral seats in the party while men occupied influential positions.

“As women, we are tired of making them (men) take up all the position, there is kujaira from the men who think that the chairmanship position is reserved for men, some women have even bought that idea,” she said.

Cde Chinomona said it was time women took up influential positions and lead.

“There is fear in women and also they can’t afford to campaign,” she said. “Usually, it is because we don’t have the resources, but we must be active, not only in political leadership, but in other sectors of the economy like mining, agriculture, so that we become self sustaining.”

Cde Chinomona said President Mnangagwa was pro-women empowerment and urged women to take advantage of the Government stance so that they could be self sustaining.

“Even President Mnangagwa is pro-women empowerment, it’s unfortunate that we constitute 52 percent of the population, but we still vote for men in party position,” she said.

“We have been having workshops under the guidance of Zanu PF leadership on women empowerment and that must be very pronounced when elections like the DCC are called. We need women in leadership positions, women taking over and or making socio-economic development decisions.

“We must also make the initiative and start voting for ourselves, empower ourselves.”

In the DCC elections, positions up for grabs include the chairman and vice chairman and secretaries for Legal Affairs, Gender and Culture, Education, Information and Publicity and Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment.

The ruling party suspended the elections for position of Secretary of the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle as it is still in process of coming up with structures at district level.

Other positions not being voted for are Secretary for Youth and Secretary for Women Affairs.

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