Zimbabwe: SECZ Seeks to Attract More Women Into Capital Markets

Traditionally perceived to be opaque and sophisticated, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) is on a drive to dispel misconstrued notions around investing in capital markets and encouraging more women to participate.

The capital markets regulator recently hosted the third episode of the “Women in Capital Markets” webinar series as part of its Investor Education Campaign in partnership with the Investor Protection Fund (IPF).

The webinar, which was titled “How to invest: Practical Steps to take” covered the basics of how to start investing on Zimbabwe’s Capital Markets.

Rumbidzai Dahwa Chaavure, a Retail Investor attributed reading and researching as tools that equipped her to become knowledgeable on investing in the Capital Markets.

Over the years,she has become knowledgeable with the sector and encouraged more women to participate.

“In investing, you get as much as you put in,” she said.

Rumbidzai said key elements she usually looks at include, the company’s performance over the last few years (ideally going back at least 5 years), whether it has grown in terms of its earnings, the strategy model and how much of it has been implemented, management competence and ethics, analyst comments and the company’s dividend policy.

Simbiso Musa, Investment Manager at the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) shared her insights as an Institutional Investor.

As an Investment Manager, she describes herself as risk-averse and mentioned the universal rule to establish short and long term investment goals. With 11 years’ worth of dedication to the Capital Markets, she acknowledges that becoming a successful investor is a skill honed over time.