Zimbabwe: Rapper to Drop Debut Album Teaser

Rising Chitungwiza rapper Lincoln Ngorima, aka Lincoln The Prezident, is set to drop a teaser of his forthcoming debut album on March 25.

The single “Zvine basarei”, which is also the album’s title track, is about how young people who are turning to unconventional means, including money changing and drug dealing, to survive.

Filled with heart-catching lyrics that mirror ghetto society, the song has a soft melody and a catchy chorus that bears testimony the musician’s composition brilliance.

“Zvine basarei” is proof that the rapper truly has something unique to bring to the table.

“Perspective, I reign from the heart of the nation, ChiTown, the melting pot where our societies mix, reaching to broader aspects of human plight, the pursuit of happiness and the routes it takes us,” said Ngorima.

A second child in a family of three children, The Prez, as he is affectionately known by his friends, fell in love with music at a tender age which saw him joining choirs at school and church.

His hip hop influence came from his older brother Livingstone ‘AyyDawg’ Ngorima, who introduced him to greats in the form of Eminem, Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco.

“I recorded my first track in 2012 starting up a chain of events that led to a lot of performances, cyphers and the discovery of spoken word through my fellow artistes in a coalition by the name ‘VeKwaSeKe’which comprises of myself, Aspaya and Kevin Munetsi,” said Ngorima.

“With this collective, we managed to organise a monthly open mic event, the Dream Elevation movement.”

Along with Peace In The Hood events, local club performances, and Bocapa shows, in 2014 the trio managed to perform at Shoko Festival.

“We participated in the Next Level Tour of Zimbabwe which found me collaborating with American counter parts in performances,” said Ngorima.


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