Zimbabwe: Poptain, Anita Jaxson Confirm Dating Rumours

RISING Zimdancehall stars, Poptain and Anita Jaxson have confirmed dating rumours after letting fans speculate for weeks.

The two just dropped a track, ‘More’ and had sparked dating rumours on social media with fans after posting images getting cosy.

The track’s visuals were shot in Kariba after a show they had gone to headline was cancelled.

In an Instagram live video, Anita Jaxson said it was during their Kariba trip that they decided to make their relationship official.

“I have always liked Pop but it was really hard you know sometimes you have to be like I have to brother zone him so we can work together and keep it professional but there comes a point in time where we just could not be professional anymore,” Anita said.

She added that she had put romantic involvement with Poptain on hold so they could be professional.

The two who share a great chemistry, supporting each other’s music have always referred to each other as brother and sister.

“Some of the situations we would go through together and we understand each other very well so it made sense to just be together.

“Our trip to Kariba just made it official, even when we were shooting the video, I was blushing the whole time,” she added.


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