Zimbabwe: Pay Farmers Their Dues – President

Companies that offer agricultural support to farmers should play their part in the industrialisation of rural areas through rewarding crop producers fairly, President Mnangagwa has said.

He said after some companies have been accused of giving farmers a raw deal, the Zanu PF leadership in areas where cash crops such as cotton are produced, should take deliberate measures to develop industrial systems to ensure that people derive benefits from their produce.

This comes as the Second Republic is taking measures to ensure that rural areas are not left behind in terms of development and has been providing agriculture support in the form of inputs and mechanisation, interventions that have ensured a bumper harvest for the country this year.

However, some unscrupulous companies have been holding farmers to ransom through low and also late payments.

Addressing hundreds of people who thronged Chief Njelele’s homestead in Gokwe South, during commemorations of the Cultural Week on Friday, President Mnangagwa said devolution, which sets GDP targets for all provinces, was taking shape with tangible results.

“The 2020/2021 agriculture season has seen the nation attaining a bumper harvest. I applaud farmers for their continued resolve towards increased agriculture production. I urge companies that provide agricultural support to farmers, to ensure that the farmers are fairly rewarded.

“It is also encouraging that the devolution and decentralisation agenda is also taking root in all our provinces,” he said.