Zimbabwe: Movie Tackles Mental Health, Depression

Model and mental health advocate Otilia “Navarro” Moyo is working on a movie which tackles mental issues, gender-based violence (GBV) and depression-related disorders.

The movie titled “The Agents Series” is slated for release at the end of this month and is in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Otilia is the scriptwriter and producer of the movie.

“The Agents Series tackles issues of mental health, justice and crimes. It’s a psychological and thriller series directed by Simba Manzungu and Bridget Paradza courtesy of DOPs — DriftErnest Entertainment.

“Each episode has a different theme and episode one focuses on gender-based violence and woman battered syndrome, while the second episode is a cry for help which focuses on the rights of children.”

This marks Otilia’s second project after she featured as Detective Molly in MAR, which was directed by Paradza.

“This is my second project and I enjoy investigative scripts which solve crimes. I am addicted to fighting crime and mental health issues.

“I have discovered that in Zimbabwe, psychology and mental health issues are not talked about much unlike in developed countries.

“Such issues are taken for granted and I used to have migraines since Grade Seven and I would face discrimination, which got me distressed.

“So, I came up with The Migraine and Depression Trust targeting people living with migraine and depression among other mental health related disorders.