Zimbabwe: Mashonaland East Targets 14 000 Ha for Winter Wheat

Mashonaland East is targeting to put 14 000 hectares of land under winter wheat this season and has started the verification process of potential farmers.

In an interview, the Provincial Agritex officer Mr Leonard Munamati said 10 000 hectares were registered under Command Agriculture.

“Preparations for wheat have started and the targeted hectarage for wheat this coming winter is 14 000ha.

“So far, an equivalent of about 10 000ha has been registered under the CBZ Agro-yield (Command Agriculture) programme. Contracting of farmers is in progress,” said Mr Munamati.

He said contracted farmers would start receiving inputs before end of this month.

“Contracted farmers will start receiving inputs before end of March. Farmers with functional irrigation infrastructure and water sources must go to their Agritex officers in districts who will assess their farms before contracting them.

Mr Munamati urged farmers to register early so that they can assess their inputs on time.

“All farmers who register early shall be given all their inputs as a full package by the end of March. Those farmers who have not fully paid their debts should approach CBZ Agro-yield and pay or acknowledge their debts with the bank so that they can be contracted.”

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