Zimbabwe: Karate Union Booted Out

Sports Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Karate Union have been expelled from the World Karate Federation.

The expulsion follows their failure to amend their constitution and bring it in line, with the global governing board’s rules and regulations.

The ZKU, who are led by Stephen Charandura, have been sanctioned by the WKF, for continuing to operate in breach of statutes, laid out by the world controlling body.

The WKF statutes, which were amended in 2018, prohibit affiliates from mixing semi-contact and full-contact karate.

The ZKU, who have few members countrywide, continued to administer both semi-and-full contact karate, in breach of WKF rules.

The sanctions will see Zimbabwe being barred from taking take part in the Zone VI Games, African Games, Olympics and World Championships.

The WKF expect affiliates to practice only semi-contact karate.

Local karatekas had formed another association, the Zimbabwe National Karate Federation, as part of compliance measure.

Joe Rugwete, the ZNKF president, said it was a dark day for karate.

“We have been made aware of the withdrawal of ZKU membership from the WKF,” said Rugwete.

“It is a bitter pill to swallow considering that the sport is now at a disadvantage.”

Charandura said some mistakes were made since they resorted to be members of the International Karate Organisation.

“We were affiliated to both associations and, when they formed the ZNKF, we were supposed to withdraw but we held on, which led to the suspension of the country’s membership,” he said.


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