Zimbabwe: Journalist Trades Pen for Mic in Search of Divine Intervention

Arts Reporter

JOURNALIST and musician, Nyasha ‘Wenyasha’ Chingono has released a new single titled “Ndinokuda Mweya”, a Katekwe-fused track that is expected to inspire people to depend on God.

The single was released last Monday.

Wenyasha, who began his musical career in 2015 already has two albums under his sleeves and a live DVD, “Taste of Glory”. The latest offering is expected to raise the stakes for the musician who often trades his pen for the microphone.

For Wenyasha , both professions are part of his calling to reach out to the world.

“Ndinokuda Mweya” was produced by Mokoomba guitarist, Trust Samende, at Houz of Gruv Studios and his brother Tafadzwa Chingono, whose vast musical experience gives the track an excellent touch.

The pulsating bassline by Trevor Musariri and Trust Samende’s mbira styled guitar complete the rhythm section , while the enchanting backing vocals of the Houz of Groove backing vocalists give the track a soothing feeling.

“Ndinokuda Mweya” is a prayer to God and an expression of how we need his intervention daily.

Penned in poetic rhythmic form, “Ndinokuda Mweya” is a supplication for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and is expected to inspire people to depend on God.

“This song is a cry to God and to the Holy Spirit, an expression of my love for Him and how I need him everyday. This song came about during a time of a deep sense of desperation where I needed God to intervene. So I believe it will touch someone and inspire them to a place of prayer and total surrender to God’s will,” Wenyasha told The Herald.

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