Zimbabwe: Ishan Reflects On Covid-19 Challenges, New Music

Senior Arts Reporter

Hip hop sensation, Ishan, of the popular “Kure” song has said the Covid-19 lockdown period has presented serious challenges that he has been able to surmount because of a good management team.

Ishan, real name Isheanesu Chigagura, said it is not easy to work in such an environment and he owes it to good management which helps artists to identify opportunities that lie within the arts sector.

In an interview, Ishan dismissed rumours that his career was hitting the edge despite being just 21 years.

“I am surprised with some fans who said that I am struggling to make it big after the ‘Kure’ song,” said Ishan. “Have they had a chance to listen to other tracks that followed after that?

“It is just that every dog has its day. ‘Kure’ was an instant hit and as you know it depends on how the song is received and appreciated by the world.

“Did you know that last year in November, I had a song which was in first position on Apple Music? I released an extended play entitled ‘Bhundu Pop’. The EP exhibits what envisions me.

“It is about African pop sound which encompasses traditional African rhythms infused with the electronic world sound and delivers a timeless music sound which is hoped to be able to expose the music into different territories.”

Ishan said he hosted his own virtual show last year and promised to join the big league this year.

“I’m excited that something is cooking,” he said. “2020 has been a bad year for everyone, but believe you me, we have all learnt our mistakes and now we are ready for the new norm.

“During the lockdown, I have been just resting and refreshing myself and looking for new opportunities. That included reading books, researching on sonics and developing myself as a person.”

Ishan said he was hoping to shoot some visuals, but Covid-19 has affected the plans.

He said he also did some collaborations last year with some local musicians.

“On my EP, I had Tammy Moyo, Gemma Griffiths, Gze Resilience and Nutty O,” said Ishan. “I have singles titled ‘Maidei’ and ‘Peanut Butter’ which have been released from the EP, together with the video and they have been doing well on local radio stations.


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