Zimbabwe: Hexco Pass Rate Remains Stable Despite Covid-19

The November 2021 Higher Examinations Council (Hexco) results show a marginal decline of 3,1 percentage points in the pass rate with Government expressing satisfaction over how the tertiary education system has surmounted Covid-19 associated challenges.

This year’s pass rate is 60,9 percent, a slight drop from the previous season of 64 percent with collection of the results now in progress.

Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Minister Professor Amon Murwira, noted the strides achieved, and experts said statistically, there was no significant difference from the previous results.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on higher education but we have reacted in a robust way, which has enabled us to be able to complete the tasks that we are supposed to complete,” said Minister Prof Murwira.

“It might not have been extremely ideal. Nonetheless, the world is always met with these kinds of problems but it is how we respond to those problems that is very important. We responded in such a way that today, we are able to talk about results which have come out and are being collected.

“As we go forward, we are looking at an education system that produces goods and services,” he added. Prof Murwira.

Learning institutions, particularly at tertiary level, have perfected virtual learning which has minimised social contact and the spread of the deadly pandemic.

Government is now moving towards a tertiary education council which was inaugurated last year whose operationalisation is now in progress.