Zimbabwe: Govt to Supervise Funerals

The Government is set to supervise all funerals in communities to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

This comes after the soaring number in Covid-19 cases, which has claimed more than 1 200 lives locally.

Acting Permanent Secretary for Health and Child Care, Dr Robert Mudyirandima, said all funerals should be monitored and people should exercise strict health guidelines to reduce the spread of the virus.

“All funerals should be supervised during this Covid-19 pandemic to minimise the spread of Covid-19 in our communities,” he said. “The following conditions should apply, sanitisation and hand washing with soap and running water, physical distancing and masking up. Gatherings should not be more than 30 people.

“People should not gather during the night.

“Handshaking and hugging should not be done. The funeral should be done in the shortest time possible. List full names, addresses, age, sex, phone details of people attending the funerals.”

The Government has put in place a number of restrictions to curtail the spread of the pandemic.

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