Zimbabwe: GMB, Police to Curb Grain Side-Marketing

Farmers have delivered over 30 000 tonnes of maize to Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depots as the parastatal has now joined hands with police in manning roadblocks along major roads to curb illegal movement of grain.

Maize and soya beans are controlled products whose movement is restricted and should only be sold to the GMB or a registered contractor and any engagements with other players is not allowed.

GMB chief executive Mr Rockie Mutenha yesterday said by Wednesday, farmers had delivered 30 182 tonnes compared to 9 216 tonnes during the same period last year.

The parastatal has also received 1 306 tonnes of traditional grains.

During the corresponding period last year, farmers had delivered 54 tonnes of traditional grains.

“We encourage beneficiaries of Pfumvudza to start delivering their crops,” he said.

All the 2,5 million beneficiaries of the Pfumvudza programme were urged to deliver surplus to GMB.

On enforcing the Statutory Instrument on controlled crops, Mr Mutenha said authorised people will enforce provisions of the GMB Act.

“An individual is only allowed to ferry five bags of maize and three bags of soya beans for personal use. For larger quantities, individuals or corporates will be required to have a valid movement permit issued by the GMB.

“The police and authorised persons shall enforce provisions of the GMB Act. The GMB deploys inspectors to act as authorised persons,” said Mr Mutenha.