Zimbabwe: Court Settles Mwazha Church’s Unholy Feud

Senior Reporter

The African Apostolic Church (VaApostora veAfrica) has revealed that the founder, Archbishop Paul Mwazha (102), popularly known as Mudzidzisi, who is one of the pioneers of indigenous churches in Zimbabwe, will remain the leader and his successor will be named and appointed within the confines of the church doctrine and constitution.

This follows a High Court judgment this week which nullified the appointment of Archbishop Mwazha’s son Bishop Alfred Kushamisa Mwazha as the leader and successor.

The church representatives yesterday confirmed that they did not recognise decisions, appointments and actions taken by Bishop Alfred Mwazha in his purported capacity as the head of the church.

Archbishop Mwazha’s family was in May involved in an altercation over the succession of the religious leader, resulting in one of the church members, Reverend Ernest Mhambare, instituting legal proceedings regarding succession.

Addressing journalists yesterday, African Apostolic Church press secretary, Reverend Wilson Rutsate, said the group, which was led by Bishop Alfred Mwazha, was acting against the constitution of the church which clearly spelt out that during the lifetime of Archbishop Mwazha, he will be the leader of the church.

“There were events where this group had gone ahead to proclaim Bishop Alfred Mwazha as archbishop and gone ahead to mislead the leaders of the nation and other Government officials that this was the situation obtaining in the church,” he said.