Zimbabwe: Chiwaridzo Reaches Out Through Gospel Music

Arts Reporter

A Chegutu-based gospel musician, Tafadzwa Chiwaridzo, says he was called to preach the message of the second coming of Jesus through music.

Chiwaridzo, who fronts the Asaphites Band, which is derived from the name Asaph, who was the chief musician in David’s kingdom, recently launched his new single called “Chakanaka Chakanaka” on WhatsApp, which has so far received an overwhelming response.

Chiwaridzo said that his music was unique as it focuses more on the events associated with the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“My music carries a difference as I focus more on the events leading to the second coming. So I decided to use my singing talent as a way of spreading the message.

“My songs and their themes come from the sermons I hear during church services, and also from day to day lives while also I consult the Bible mostly for guidance.”

“My passion is to see the whole world being saved. This is the reason why we are free to minister at various Christian gatherings for the glory of God not to earn a living out of that.”

The newly released song encourages people to focus on the word of God to prepare for the coming of Jesus without being discouraged.

“Song ‘Chakanaka Chakanaka’ is talking about not be discouraged to worship God just because you are left alone whilst others are following the pleasures of the world. It quotes the Bible when it says narrow is the road to Heaven,” said Chiwaridzo.

The song got a nod in United States as it was in the top 10 of the Californian radio station, Top Rankin FM.

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