Zimbabwe: Anglican Parishioners Demand Zacc Probe Over Church Land Scandal

A GROUP of disgruntled parishioners Sunday picketed the Anglican Church Cathedral during service in Harare, demanding they be allocated their housing stands as earlier promised by church leaders.

The angry church members have also since approached the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission ZACC to probe the non-allocation of residential stands which the congregants claim to have already paid for already.

About 1 900 families are affected.

The area on which they were promised the land is in Norton, next to the late former President Robert Mugabe’s farm.

“We made some contributions as individuals to buy land (farm) measuring 101 hectares at $2.4 million from Mr Kasirori and Anglican Church did not have a single cent,” said one affected member.

“So, it (church) only came in as a facilitator through its Diocese of Harare Housing Trust (DHHT.

“As individuals, we made contributions of US$125 per month and by 10 months, the agreement was to sub divide and develop the land after purchasing it.

“But now DHHT is now asking us to buy the stands from them charging us exorbitant amounts per stand.

“The church leaders are now demanding that we pay an average of US$8 750 for 300 square meters.

“So, the question is, who bought the land from Mr Kasirori, DHHT or Individuals?”

The church members’ spokesperson said the group has since approached ZACC to probe the unclear distribution of their acquired land.