Zimbabwe: Amadhuve Sasha Readies New Video

For those that love culture and tradition, Sasha “Amadhuve” Lishomwa is cooking something for you.

The diminutive singer is putting final touches to the visuals of the song titled Machinda and if the pictures of the production course of action she posted on her social media platforms last week are anything to go by, traditional music lovers are in a for a treat.

Amadhuve Sasha was among a number of entertainers at the unveiling of the Mbuya Nehanda statue in May at an event officiated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

A few days before the unveiling ceremony, Amadhuve Sasha had given a top-drawer performance at the official opening of the Culture Week in Gokwe.

Mnangagwa was also the guest of honour at the event that was presided over by Chief Njelele.

Amadhuve Sasha has over the years re-invented herself and is poised for the heiress apparent to the Amadhuve throne.

She is a protégé and niece of the late mbira musician Edna Chizema, aka Mbuya Madhuve.

Amadhuve Sasha described the song Machinda as a prayer for strength during hard times.

“The track Machinda is a prayerful song about a person who is praying to God to intervene in difficult circumstances such as natural disasters and pandemics just like the Covid-19,” she said.

“This is a situation where one feels lonely and hopeless but only God and His messengers [Machinda] can fight your cause and heal your world.”

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