Zimbabwe: 27 Artists to Take Part in Poetry, Music Festival

All is set for the International Poetry and Music Day dubbed “Long Night of the Poets”, which will be hosted virtually tomorrow in accordance with the Covid-19 restrictions.

The Long Night of the Poets show will feature 27 artists from Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, Palestine, India, United States and Zimbabwe.

The programme is part of the extended Africa month colloquia with a focus on the youth, featuring several renowned and emerging voices, including the likes of Makhafula Vilakazi from Soweto, Diana Ferrus, Michael Weeder — the Dean of St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town, Vangile Gantsho, Sibulelo Manamatela, Siya Shezi from Kwazulu Natal, Tade Ipadeola from Nigeria, Mutabaruka from Jamaica, Meena Kandasamy from India to Tony Award winning poet and actor Beau Sia from the USA.

It will also feature collaborations with musicians, including Kamva — the string quartet, Pops Mohammed on the kora with friends, Siya Mthembu from The Brother Moves On, soulful singer Hope Masike from Zimbabwe on the mbira, Kanyi Mavi and Easvesdrop — young women making their mark on the Cape Flats local hip hop scene.

Afrikaans poet Piet Odendaal will also feature among the many other poets and musicians.

In an interview, Masike said she was excited to take part in the virtual show, representing Zimbabwe. “Word to describe that is great! It is always a delight sharing the stage with great artists whose work you also enjoy,” she said.

“I am going to perform one of my songs called ‘Kune mumwe’ from my third album titled ‘The Exorcism of a Spinster’. The song speaks against crimes of passion and Gender Based Violence.

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