Uganda: Govt Completes Construction of Seed School Despite Challenges

When the late second deputy Prime Minister, Mr Kirunda Kivejinja, commissioned the construction of Kitayunjwa Seed Secondary School in 2019, with a call not to politicise the project, he was spot on.

This was because the Shs1.9b school faced site challenges as it was at first located at St Andrews Secondary School, Naminage but the church set restrictive conditions which eventually led to its relocation to Kitayunjwa Primary School.

This transfer also failed and eventually Mr Julius Dhimukika, the father of the outgoing Kamuli District chairman, Mr Thomas Kategere, donated six acres of land for the school to take off.

“Busoga is mine and I have personal interest in Kitayunjwa which has high profile personalities like Bishop Bamwoze, who was a development pillar.

His passion for education is a legacy everyone should promote and this is what we fought for,” the late Kivejinja said then.

At the start of its construction, one of the administrators, because of a political fallout, allegedly organised students to strike and chase away the founder.

The students also stole Shs1.8m from the school during the strike.

“It was very unfortunate for a beginning school to stage a strike with the aid of one of the administrators and make students wage a war they did not understand,” Mr Paul Wanso, a board member, said.

Currently, the administration block, laboratories, six classroom blocks and three units of the staff quarters have been completed.

The Ministry of Education and Sports has also declared vacant teaching posts for the school, meaning the teachers who have been volunteering are going to have the priority of being regularised on appointment of the board of governors.