Uganda: Government to Expose Politicians, Leaders Who Misuse Covid-19 Cars

The minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng has expressed concern over misuse of the Covid-19 response cars by some distracts officials and politicians who use them for personal purposes.

The government through the Covid-19 response donations procured 282 double cabin vehicles to support the response.


The vehicles were strictly purchased to carry out surveillance and Covid-19 vaccination activities to support the response.

In a letter seen by the Nile Post and copied to all LC V chairpersons, all city mayors, all chief administrative officers, all town clerks, Aceng said some politicians have taken over the cars and even removed the writings.

“It has come to our attention that the vehicles are being used by the political and Technical leaders rather than the health workers for intended purpose. Some of you have even gone ahead to rub off the writings on these vehicles,” she said in a letter dated December 20, 2021


She noted that this is malpractice and misconduct of the highest order and it’s unacceptable.

“This is therefore, to direct you to ensure that the vehicles are returned with immediate effect to the health officers to be used strictly for surveillance and Covid-19 vaccination activities,” she noted.

Aceng instructed the Health Monitoring Unit (HMU) and all District Health Officers (DHO), city medical officers, municipal medical officers to follow up and inform her in writing in any case not later than 27th 12/2021

According to the ministry of Health spokesperson, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, there are some political leaders who have been misusing these vehicles which are meant to be used for surveillance and vaccination activities to support the response.

“So, the minister is simply requesting them to ensure that they are used for surveillance and vaccination under the district health office. Failure to do so, we will have to go and embarrass them. We are requesting them to return them to the district offices to serve the purpose, failure we shall enforce that,”Ainebyoona told the Nile Post in a phone interview.

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