Uganda: Dune Finally Here –

We finally have a trailer for Dune. If you have spent any amount of time in the entertainment corners of the internet, you know that a sizable portion of the movie-going audience has been clamouring for this movie for decades.

Warner Bros. will make their dreams a reality on October 1. Dune was supposed to debut on November 20, but the pandemic forced Warner Bros. to postpone its release.

This latest adaptation will follow Duke Leto Atreides, a powerful figure that has been handed stewardship of the desert planet of Arrakis (also called Dune), the only source of mélange, a valuable substance capable of extending human life.

Leto is not stupid; he knows the opportunity is a trap set by his enemies. Nonetheless, he is determined to do his duty, which is why he has taken his family down to Arrakis, including his son Paul, a boy with a shocking destiny.

Dune is based on a 1965 novel of the same name written by Frank Herbert. The book is a cult classic that tackles environmentalism, the downfall of empires, religious extremism, and gender roles.

It won the Nebula Award for Best Novel. For the longest time, like Lord of the Rings, people were convinced Dune was impossible to adapt for film.

Several filmmakers tried, in vain, to turn the novel into a live-action movie before David Lynch came along. Lynch’s 1984 version is the only Dune film we have seen to date.

When he was first presented with the adaptation, Lynch was still toying with the idea of directing Return of the Jedi. The Star Wars sequel was just one directing offer among many that had come his way.

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