Tunisia: Twenty Five School Students Taken to Hospital in Siliana After Discomfort

Tunis/Tunisia — Twenty five students in the Bou Abdallah school, delegation of Kesra, Siliana, were taken to the local hospital on Wednesday, after suffering from nausea, vomiting and a sudden rise of temperature, a local source told TAP.

Three teachers were also taken to the local hospital for having presented with the same symptoms, according to the same source. The pupils have not taken any meal at the school canteen, closed since the end of the winter holidays.

Doctor at the local hospital in Kesra Samia Baazaoui said 10 rapid coronavirus tests were carried out on these pupils and teachers were all negative.

Director of the local hospital in Kesra Nooman Ragoubi, for his part, said two pupils and a teacher were taken to the regional hospital of Siliana due to high fever while the rest of the patients left the hospital after receiving the necessary treatment.

Local Director of Health Adel Haddadi noted that the condition of the three hospitalised patients is stable, indicating the development of cold symptoms.

Rapid tests were negative, but more coronavirus PCR tests were carried out, pending results.

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