Tunisia: ‘Reinforcement of Rural Women’s Role in Next Local Elections’ Project to Be Launched in January in Six Governorates

Tunis/Tunisia — Chahed Observatory for election control and democratic transition Executive Director Nasr Harabi said that the second phase of the project “enhancing the role of vulnerable categories in the next local elections,” called “reinforcement of rural women’s role in the next local elections” will be launched next January.

Harabi added in a statement to TAP on the fringes of the closing of the first phase of the project that the 2nd phase will run until June 2022 and will include 6 governorates: Beja, Manouba, Sousse, Sfax and two governorates to be determined later, adding that the first workshop will be held in the governorate of Beja in February 2022.

Harabi pointed out that this project seeks to identify the problems that prevent rural women from participating in the electoral process and from exercising their right to vote as candidates and voters.

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