Tunisia: Moon Sighting for Chaoual Impossible On May 11 – Diwan El-Ifta

Tunis/Tunisia — Astronomical data show it is impossible to sight the crescent moon of the month of Chaoual on May 11, Diwan el-Ifta institution (Mufti of the Republic) said on Tuesday

The moon can be sighted on May 12 starting from 1:36 pm (local time ), Diwan el-Ifta added. The crescent moon of Chaoual is expected to be sighted first in China, India and the Central Western Indian Ocean then the west.

The Tunis Science City saidf on April 30 that May 12 will be the last day of Ramadan of Hegira year 1442 and that May 13 will be the first day of Eïd el Fitr feast (1st day of Chaoual).

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