Tunisia: Astrazeneca Vaccine Will Not Be Shipped to Tunisia in Case Its Adverse Effects Are Confirmed (Hechmi Louzir)

Tunis/Tunisia — The World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently examining the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca, Member of the Anti COVID-19 Scientific Committee Hechmi Louzir told TAP on Tuesday.

This approach was launched as a number of countries decided to halt the vaccine as a precautionary measure, Louzir pointed out.

The WHO will not ship AstraZeneca in case its side-effects are confirmed, Louzir said at the end of a meeting held by the scientific committee.

Although Tunisia did not order the AstraZeneca vaccine as part of a market deal it will receive a first batch of the vaccine as part of WHO’s initiative Covax. The country is expected to receive about 138,000 doses in March, the same source said.

The WHO will soon finish testing the vaccine safety, Louzir underscored, adding that the organisation has the best experts in pharmacovigilance (PhV) and no shipment will be made in case the vaccine adverse effects are confirmed.

The side-effects of other COVID-19 vaccines and the means of treating these reactions were also discussed during the meeting of the scientific committee, Louzir further indicated.

The scientific committee is closely monitoring the vaccine safety and the health of those eligible for it in Tunisia, Louzir added.

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