Tanzania: We’re Able to Meet High Demand – Tanga Cement

TANGA Cement Company Limited has the capacity to meet demand for cement in the country on a large-scale as it pledges to maintain quality standards.

This was said at the weekend by Chairman of Tanga Cement Board Laurence Masha, when he was presenting business reports of Tanga Cement and its subsidiaries for the term ending December 2019.

“The group has the capacity to meet a significant share of cement demand in the country and remains committed to producing superior cement products,” said Mr Masha.

He said as a result of cooperation with the government and the revival of the Tanga-Moshi Arusha railway system made it easier for them to operate.

He said government efforts to stimulate economic growth through infrastructural development and promotion of local industries would boost the production and use of domestic cement while reducing the influx of cheap cement imports.

He said Tanga Cement Limited was optimistic about infrastructural development plans under the government’s 2025 development plan.

Mr Masha said Tanga Cement Limited was confident of the steps taken by the government to control the economy due to the potential impact that could have been caused by Covid-19 and promised to work with the government to boost Tanzania’s economy.

“The group is confident with the initiatives taken by the government to combat the spread of Covid-19 and commits to working together to boost the economy,” said Mr Masha.

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