Tanzania: Us Envoy Pays Homage As Sports Legend Tagalile Laid to Rest

SPORTS legend and veteran journalist, Attilio Tagalile (71) was laid to rest at Sinza Cemetery in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

Many people have expressed their sorrow for his sudden demise and how they remember him and his contribution to the sports and media industry in Tanzania.

Among the people who mourned Tagalile’s death was the United States Ambassador to Tanzania, Donald Wright. He described him as a brilliant journalist and adept expert on Tanzania’s media landscape.

“Deeply saddened by passing of veteran journalist Attilio Tagalile. A brilliant journalist, adept expert of Tanzania’s media landscape and believer of freedom of expression. We have lost a friend.

Heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and media fraternity in Tanzania.” Apart from Ambassador Wright, some veteran journalists wrote on their social media pages messages to mourn the veteran’s death.

Issa Michuzi, via his Instagram account, described Tagalile as a teacher, a mentor who contributed to his growth as a writer.

“My journalism mentor and my role model. He is the one who convinced me to join the Daily News in the late 1980s, showing me the rudiments of the profession from early on.

Actually he forced me to write not only captions after taking pictures but the whole story! He encouraged me to be a one man army, look for stories and take pictures at the same time. And never accompany a reporter to any assignment. He taught me to becoming independent in all spheres of the job.” Michuzi wrote his message full of sorrow describing Tagalile as a brilliant writer who wrote a book on Tanzania journalism. He stated that journalism is inborn.

“The last time we met Attilio had just completed a book on TZ journalism and was on the verge of publishing it. He gave me a peek preview and was flattered to find my name in it…? Well, it is classic ATTILIO TAGALILE the hilt.

He is arguing, among numerous other issues in this noble profession, that education is, without doubt, the most important tool in one’s life. However, in his opinion, journalism is inborn.”

The sports fraternity were in a deep sorrow following the sudden demise of a sports legend, Attilio Tagalile who died last Friday in Dar es Salaam after a short illness.

With almost a half-century career in journalism, Tagalile died while serving the ‘Daily News’ as a sports columnist whose majority works insisted on establishment of sports academies as means to groom and develop talented players to the world-class status.