Tanzania: Stay Calm, Sports Head for a New Dawn

AS Tanzania and the rest of the world welcome 2022 tomorrow, sports fraternity in the country are hopeful to see a golden era in this sector to surpass its predecessor 2021 which has left behind good memories.

It is evident that in the coming year, people would be interested to experience some developments on how different sport disciplines are run in order to continue scaling up the world ladders for the benefit of the country.

All sports events which were established last season should be boosted next year by making sure that enough resources are readily available to propel them to the next level bearing in mind that in order to register success in everything, determination and enough support are key factors. There is no doubt that government will continue to play a critical role in making sure that the status of sports is improving at all costs like they did this year and in other past years.

Yes, if the country would like to be at high levels in terms of sports, surely the hand of the government should not be far apart because they are the policymakers meaning that if they make friendly sports policies in accordance with the nature of the country, prosperity will always be there. For instance, countries like Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and others are well known because of football as they have quality players capable to do well in various competitions across the world.

This is possible due to the full involvement of their governments as they spend a lot of money to build and improve the available infrastructures of which in turn enables their athletes to play at conducive places which contain international standards. The same formula needs to be applied in the country and it is pleasing to see that the sixth government under the presidency of Samia Suluhu Hassan is making positive steps towards achieving that.

This year, they have made a lot of pledges to be executed next year hence people out there will be wide awake to see the implementation of the promised projects. One of them was the construction of a State-of-the-Art Indoor Arena complex which will be able to accommodate numerous sporting activities under one roof a thing which will highly promote sport levels in the country. A big country like Tanzania deserves to have indoor arenas scattered in all regions across the country for the sake of enabling sports events to unfold regardless of what type of weather is present at that particular moment.

It is not a hidden fact that during the rainy season, a lot of activities are halted or postponed because the weather becomes unbearable for the athletes, and the only way to resist this is to have enough indoor venues across the nation. As such, in the upcoming 365 days, at least one world-class indoor complex should be constructed somewhere in the country as a starting point for many other indoors to come in near future.

Also, a lot of work should be done to upgrade all-league hosting venues in the country to make them playable in any kind of weather thereby uplifting the status of the country’s premier league. To be honest, only a few arenas have the ability to host league games whether it rains or not which are Benjamin Mkapa Stadium, Uhuru Stadium, and Azam Complex while the rest leave a lot to be desired as such, 2022 should bring the changes that every Tanzanian is eager to witness.

Again, this year, people have complained a lot about poor officiating by referees in all the football leagues being run in the country a thing which also needs to be looked at with an eagle’s eye so as to protect the beautiful game of football. Indeed, referees are the ones who can either beautify or spoil football as they are decision-makers and are at the center of the game hence if they are not competent enough, definitely, there is no way people can enjoy this great sport in the world.

In his words recently, the Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) Chief Executive Officer, Almasi Kasongo narrated that the era to solely depend on the two naked eyes of referees in a game of football is gone, that is why people have invented Video Assistant Referee (VAR). He said full relying on the eyes of referees will never help to solve the existing problems of blaming them for poor refereeing because the current world is no longer there, hence human errors are done by them (refs) are inevitable.