Tanzania: State Keen to Mitigate Covid Effects On Tourism, Aviation

THE government has pledged to remain vigilant in improving aviation and tourism sectors despite the looming danger of the fifth wave of Covid-19.

Works and Transport Deputy Minister Mwita Waitara expressed the commitment, saying the government will not take anything for granted as the fifth wave hovers over-tourism and the aviation industry. Speaking during his recent visit to the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), Mr Waitara assured that the government would remain vigilant on the need to prevent the surge of infections during the fifth wave.

“Our country is not exempted from such a variant, we are therefore working round the clock to ensure that it has minimal effect on the two sectors,” said the deputy minister. For the country to fend off the deadly virus’ challenge, we must step up efforts on containing the disease by taking all necessary precautions rolled out by health organizations and international airports’ authorities,” he suggested.

The deputy minister attributed the recent move by the government of releasing figures on coronavirus to the surge of tourists who have been thronging the country. He however underscored the importance of being vaccinated, describing it as the most critical tool to end the pandemic and to save lives and livelihoods.

The deputy minister further noted that receiving a jab against the deadly virus was fast becoming a must-do thing, especially for travelers. He equally urged service providers at KIA to become good ambassadors, especially on tourism fronts. On her part, KIA Acting Director-General of KIA, Christine Mwakatobe said her office will continue providing better services that meet international standards

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