Tanzania: Rukwa RC Issues Ultimatum to Suma JKT

RUKWA Regional Commissioner (RC) Joachim Wangabo has issued a 20-day ultimatum to JKT Construction Department Limited from Mbeya Zone to accomplish the construction of a Kalambo District Council office block.

He also directed Suma JKT to work round the clock day and night to ensure the project was completed by the end of this month.

The construction of a one-storey building of the Kalambo District Council office block is estimated to accommodate 137 offices at the cost of 4,123,444,741/28.

The RC directed also the consultant engineer of the project, Tanzania Buildings Agency (TBA), to convene a site meeting, which the main contractor, Suma JKT, must attend under his chairmanship.

“Delays in the implementation of any development project is causing a colossal loss to the owner, contractor as well as citizens who are taxpayers… Worse still the value of the buildings is decreasing. You must understand this. Construction of this block started three years ago. I am aware that the project faced several challenges which have been addressed. So, I am directing that this project must be accomplished on December 31, this year. You must work hard around the clock to accomplish it short of that the main contractor will face the consequences,” warned the RC.

The RC issued such directives after visiting and inspecting the project progress in Lyoa Ward in a small town of Matai, the headquarters of Kalambo District.

Earlier Engineer Haruna Kalunga, representing TBA Rukwa Regional Manager, explained that the project was scheduled to take 18 months from October 17, 2017 to May 2019.

He further added that to date Suma JkT had already spent 33 months and the project was expected to be completed on December 31, this year.

“The progress of the project has so far reached 56 per cent,” he explained.


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