Tanzania: Museum Launches Pollinators Conservation

THE National Museum of Tanzania (NMT) has launched a six-month exhibition on pollinators conservation with the aim of securing agriculture output.

The museum’s acting Director General Dr Gwakisa Kamatula said that the main aim of the exhibition is to raise awareness on the importance of conserving the dwindling number of pollinators which have unique importance on agricultural production.

“The exhibition looks to raise awareness on conservation of habitats of butterflies and moths among other pollinators after establishing a butterfly garden at the museum’s compound. Pollinators and plants — including food crops — have unique relationship for increased agricultural output,” Dr Kamatula said.

He said that the exhibition was part of the three-year project of assessing Lepidoptera pollinator species diversity data in East Africa implemented by the museum under the auspices of JRS biodiversity Foundation.

Ms Adelaide Sallema, the museum’s senior biology conservator and project coordinator, said that the project was insisting on planting gardens which would ensure that pollinators are continuing to live for accomplishing the ecosystem.

“There are raising tendency of spraying various chemicals in farms and gardens which affects livelihood of pollinators. In these exhibitions, we aim at reminding people, including farmers on the importance of growing gardens and flowers which favors growth of pollinators if they are to have increased agricultural output,” she said.