Tanzania: Govt Abolishes Tender Process for Fertiliser Importation

THE government has abolished the tender process for fertiliser importation in the country, thus opening doors for any trader, who intends to bring fertilizer into the country to have the opportunity.

This was stated by the Minister for Agriculture Prof Adolf Mkenda during a one-day working visit to the port of Dar es Salaam, yesterday.

He explained that the purpose of abolishing tender procedure was meant to increase competition among the business people, who import bulk fertiliser and thus impact the commodity price.

Prof Mkenda added that if there will be an increase in fertiliser importation in the country, there are possibilities for the fall in prices, which will significantly benefit the farmers. The move, he said will also consequently raise the demand of fertiliser uses in the country.

He said in the past, importers were required to submit their tender to the Tanzania Fertiliser Regulatory Authority (TFRA) before being offered an opportunity to supply fertiliser.

Every bidder was required to join the pre-qualification stage in which few companies are shortlisted. Minister Mkenda said that the tender procedure was pushing the fertiliser price up because those who won the tender influenced the price.

“We have removed the tender bidding procedure, to open the way for anyone who wants to bring fertilizer into the country to do so, all we need is the best fertiliser quality,” he said. Minister Mkenda also encouraged investors to build fertiliser factories to increase production in the country. He said establishment more factories will reduce the countries dependency on the importation of fertiliser.