Tanzania: Farmers Assured of Attractive Coffee Prices

GOVERNMENT has affirmed its commitment to create an enabling environment for coffee farmers to improve their produce and benefit from value addition.

Deputy Minister for Agriculture Hussein Bashe said in order for the coffee farmers to get the best prices, the government in collaboration with the private and financial sectors, are mobilising farmers to purchase Central Pulpery Unit – CPU processing machines.

He said the CPU machine will help in value addition of the cash crop as farmers can process coffee to the desired quality.

“This process will help farmers to produce coffee with the required standards in international markets,” he said.

Mr Bashe gave the clarification in Parliament when responding to Ngara legislator Mr Ndaisaba Ruhoro who wanted to know the government’s plans to create a conducive environment for local coffee producers to enable them enjoy best prices as their colleagues in neighbouring countries.

Mr Ruhoro also questioned the involvement of the private sector in buying coffee direct from the farmers instead of cooperative unions which makes it less competitive due to low prices.

Mr Bashe said the government is revamping the cooperative unions for them to offer competitive prices and improve exports of coffee.

Furthermore, he said, the government has initiated discussions with major coffee buyers in the world like Strabag, to introduce the country coffee into their market.

“The ultimate goal is to see the company (Strabag) embrace Tanzania coffee brands,” he said.