Tanzania: Farmer Society Creates Fund to Promote Coffee Growing

Moshi-based Manushi Sinde Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society Limited (Manushi Sinde Amcos Ltd) is in the process of establishing a special coffee stabilising fund to withstand the coffee price crisis, the aim being promotion of the cultivation of the key cash crop in the country.

This was revealed by the chairman of the society Prof John Boshe during the Amcos’ ordinary Annual General Meeting (AGM) held recently in Kibosho. He said the process of establishing the fund would involve all members of the society.

“This special stabilising fund will aim at withstanding the challenges posed by the coffee price crisis, the aim being to ensure that farmers do not surrender when prices fall due to the crisis. This is also a guarantee for the sustainability of coffee production,” he said.

“The Board and management of the Manushi Sinde Amcos has already submitted a request for 22,875,443.21/- from the US Development Fund facility (USADF) whereby the money will be used to address health and business challenges that arose during the Covid-19 crisis as well as at setting up the stabilising fund so as to cope with the crisis caused by the fall of coffee prices,” he said.

Commenting on the other society’s initiatives of increasing coffee production, Prof Boshe said it included the development of a quality coffee seedling nursery which would be distributed to members.

“We already have a nursery with a capacity to produce 120,000 seedlings which would be distributed free of charge to members of Manushi Sinde Amcos.”