Tanzania: Envoys All Set for Tokyo Games

The Tanzanian envoys heading to Tokyo for Olympic Games were given a state send-off in Arusha base and all promised to work hard and bring home medals.

Deputy Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Pauline Gekul, handed the national flag to the Olympic envoys, Failuna Abdi Matanga, Alphonse Felix Simbu and Gabriel Geay, who will be flying to Japan at end of this month.

The Secretary General of the Tanzania Olympics Committee (TOC) Filbert Bayi said the committee who oversees the preparations, has also footed all the related bills including return air tickets for athletes and officials, accommodation, sporting gear and the 30 days preparatory camp in Arusha.

“The Tanzania Olympic Committee has spent over 91.6m/- to cover the preparations,” said Bayi. Presenting the flag to the team, Gekul lauded TOC for undertaking the preparatory costs and saving the government from incurring the heavy burden of bills.

She said The Olympics team physician, Mwanandi Mwankemwa said Tanzania is taking great care on the envoys’ health. Regarding Covid-19 the three athletes will undergo the first tests on July 26th this year at Kilwa Road Police in Dar es Salaam 96 hours before departure.

“The second corona tests will be held 72 hours before they fly to Tokyo, that is on the 27th of July, while the third test is expected to be conducted upon arrival in Japan,” said Mwankemwa, who is also the local Olympics Covid Liaison Officer.

“We maintain daily communication with the Olympics Committee in Japan reporting the health status of our sportsmen to ensure that they are fit.

They also have smartphones through which they can maintain Online Covid Checking (OCHER)”. Team’s captain, Alphonse Simbu said few as they are the squad will perform at their best in order to ensure that they return with medals.

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