Tanzania: ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Vital for Athletes’

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has advised all athletes to be vaccinated as they are at risk of Covid-19 due to their multiple interactions with many people, especially from other countries.

President Samia said this on Sunday as she received the CECAFA Challenge Cup 2021 trophy from the Under-23 squad in a ceremony held at the State House in Dar es Salaam.

“Covid-19 vaccine is important to athletes; I strongly recommend all athletes who have not been vaccinated to be vaccinated.”

During that occasion, she met with the Under-23 and Olympic national teams as they proudly represented the country well, where she urged other teams to take the example of Under-23 success, winning the CECAFA title as an incentive to do well in various international competitions.

Similarly, President Samia called on the Olympic Committee to evaluate itself and develop a strategy to increase the number of participants in various competitions instead of the current situation where the national team travelled with more leaders than athletes.

“The fact is that for a great nation Tanzania to be represented with three players in various sports in the world is a shame.” She insisted it is essential to take sports seriously as it promotes the country’s identity internationally, and so it is our Tanzania marathoners Alphonce Simbu and Failuna Abdi Matanga who gave honour to our country during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

“I congratulate our youngsters for bringing us this trophy, and I am confident your victory will inspire other national teams to do well in the forthcoming international competitions. “As sports is the country’s identity, most people in the world knew Tanzania in the ’70s and ’80s through our famous athletes Filbert Bayi, Seleiman Nyambui and Juma Ikangaa; I know some people have come to know our country recently through Alphonce Simbu and Failuna. So sports identify countries anywhere in the world.”