Tanzania: Call to Promote New Generation Music

NEW generation music artistes and supporters in Mwanza have raised their voice to ask people to promote them to attain their dream of becoming celebrities in Bongo Flavor music.

Speaking to Sunday News in Mwanza on Saturday during an occasion to launch and promote audio and video works of his Nikufuate album, the artiste Ibrahim Robert aka Mantiki Boy and the stakeholders of Bongo Flavor music urged those with opportunities to extend the support so that the nation can manage to have the best music.

The popular music of new generation, Bongo Flavor has evolved from being seen as an art for outlaws as how the older generation viewed it previously but today is most loved source of entertainment in East Africa and the whole continent.

Makula Emmanuel, the music supporter said that Bongo Flavor has today literally transformed the local music scene and also gained international recognition in East Africa, Africa and beyond.

Some of fellow musicians accompanied Mantiki Boy in his promotion, urged companies, organizations and even individuals who recognize the plight of these budding artistes to come up with ways of supporting them in order to help them to achieve their dreams will be much appreciated.

Mantiki Boy who adorned the event with his beat Nikufuate said if the society would have the culture of supporting artists the nation can manage to have many music star that can expose our nation outside the boundaries.

The popular music industry has grown up to become a big employer to most of talented young Tanzanians who would otherwise have stayed jobless in a country where unemployment is the one of the greatest challenges among the youth.

“I have the dream to reach far in music sector since I have determination and I am creative I always think of how to make listeners get entertainment, education and information through my work of music,” said Mantiki Boy.

Mhanuzi Entertainment, a company based in Mwanza that launched the promotion of Mantiki Boy said through its Executive Officer Deusdedit Mhanuzi that there are many talented musicians in our society who still need support to make them successful.

“We have seen many talented Tanzanians who are supposed be supported, we ask all of us to help the group with everything we have to make them stand,” said Mhanuzi.


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