South Africa: Getting Creative During the Pandemic – Five Female Entrepreneurs Striving to Succeed

Desperation has forced small SA businesses to be innovative and disruptive. All they need now is for consumers to give them a chance.

First appeared in Daily Maverick 168

No one imagined the lockdown would last more than a few weeks. After that, restrictions would be lifted, schools would resume, parents would return to work, public spaces would reopen and life would return to normal.

But more than nine months later, the abnormal has been repackaged as “the new normal”. And while the Covid-19 lockdowns ravage the economy and destroy livelihoods, desperation has become the mother of creativity, inspiring the newly out of work to embark on entrepreneurial journeys for the future.

DM168 spoke to five women entrepreneurs about their hustle, how the pandemic has hurt – and helped them – and the importance of supporting local industry.

Sekani Mlauzi, Flavaful

Maternity leave, a newborn baby and unemployment can be powerful incitements for action. For Sekani (or “Sekkie”) Mlauzi, it encouraged her to start Flavaful, a small Kempton Park events company, in 2013.

Months after Mlauzi returned to her job in finance for a medical company, her weekend hustle – juggling her growing eventing business – started to put a…

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