South Africa: Efforts to Vaccinate Homeless Populations Stonewalled By ID Red Tape

South Africa’s Covid-19 vaccination programme currently requires that people enter an identity number when registering on government’s electronic system and present an identity document when they go to get jabbed. This makes it hard for homeless people without IDs to get vaccinated. Siyabonga Kamnqa reports from the streets of Cape Town.

Daylin Jacobs coughs heavily as he shares an entjie (cigarette) with a friend who, like him, is also living on the street under one of the bridges in Cape Town.

When asked if he has or will be vaccinated, Jacobs says, “My broe you can’t ask me about vaccination. No one cares about coming here and educating us about Covid-19 or the vaccination process. We are just a forgotten people, nobody gives f*k*l about us. Right now I am desperate for a job to provide for the mother of my two laaities. I am a strong and healthy man and don’t show any symptoms of this Covid-19,” he says as he continues coughing.

But 42-year-old Nokuzola Mzizi who sleeps on the side of the road next to the Cape Town bus terminus says she looks forward to being vaccinated.

“Yes, I’ve registered [with] the help of a friend who…

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