South Africa: Deputy President David Mabuza On Youth Empowerment Post Coronavirus Covid-19 Era

Deputy President challenges society to think of new ways to empower youth in a post Covid-19 era

Deputy President Mabuza responded to various questions in the National Assembly, focusing on a number of his delegated responsibilities, including his role as the chairperson of the Human Resource Development Council.

This session of questions for oral replies took place a year since the declaration of the national state of disaster and its negative impact on the economy. Deputy President Mabuza highlighted to parliamentarians that the 4th Quarter Labour Force Survey of 2020, found that that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the economy and employment prospects for young people.

The Deputy President said these job losses have been concentrated among a range of already vulnerable groups affecting in the main, individuals in the poorest households, less skilled and low-wage, informal workers, those with transient employment or persistent non-employment histories. In this regard, the Deputy President called for urgent, innovative and coordinated strategies to be crafted towards dealing with poverty and inequality and achieve social cohesion by developing youth, women and people with disabilities.

Deputy President highlighted that the interventions made by government, have assisted a great deal in protecting the vulnerable. Responding to a question on whether the budget is adequate to fund anti-poverty initiatives, the Deputy President assured Parliament that under the current environment of fiscal constraints, the R12,6 billion allocation targeted at the employment stimulus, is adequate.