South Africa: Civil Society Calls for Reinstatement of Social Relief of Distress Grant and Unconditional Basic Income Grant

The #PayTheGrants Campaign has called for the government to reinstate the Covid Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, to increase it from R350 to R585, and to fully implement an unconditional Basic Income Guarantee.

“This is not a favour, this is not a privilege from the state – but it is the people’s right,” said General Moyo during a virtual mass assembly on Sunday morning, 11 July, where the #PayTheGrants Campaign called for the government to reinstate the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant and fully implement a Basic Income Grant (BIG).

“I’m coming to you live from an informal settlement called Makause in the east of Johannesburg,” said Moyo, “which is one of the settlements that is highly dense, populated with plus-minus 20,000 people, and has a 45 to 50% unemployed community.” He added that this is a picture that can be seen in many townships across South Africa.

The South African Social Security Agency SRD grant was a temporary measure put in place in May 2020 to alleviate hunger when Covid-19 regulations affected the economy and led to job losses.

Unemployed citizens and refugees who were over 18, who had no other form of income and received no…

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