Seychelles: Seychellois Cargo Service Now Exporting Fish to Nigerian, Ugandan Hotels

A Seychellois-owned cargo service, Euro African Star Transport (EAST), has begun exporting fish to African markets as part of its efforts to diversify Seychelles’ exports.

The owner of EAST cargo, Carol Nalletamby, told SNA her company will be exporting fish to Nigeria and Uganda via Ethiopian Airlines where there are five-star hotels willing to buy the product.

“There are two hotels I am working with specifically. We had previously sent them samples of our products and they said they were satisfied with the quality,” she said.

For the moment, EAST Cargo will be supplying five tonnes of fish a week – although there will be additional stock sent for distribution in the new market.

“Ethiopia has an extensive network in China and Singapore, that I believe they will also use to continuously send the fish to,” said Nalletamby.

Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, is currently exporting its fish products, mainly tuna and red snapper, to Europe and the United States.

Euro African Star Transport (EAST) was founded in 2020 as a company of the Seychelles. Though the company is recent, the team responsible for the company has been working together for many years through EAST sister company Euro Africa which was founded in France and has a history of transport business in East Africa.

East Cargo Services received extensive media attention when in March 2019, the company chartered Turkish airlines with the capacity of carrying up to 35 tonnes of cargo.