Seychelles: President of Seychelles Focuses On Diversifying Economy, Agricultural Sector

Diversifying the economy with an emphasis on the agricultural sector remains a priority of Seychelles’ government, the head of state said in a live presidential press conference held over the conferencing platform Zoom on Thursday.

The development of the island nation’s fisheries and agriculture sector is something that Ramkalawan said he is following closely.

“On the diversification of the economy, we are doing a lot of work. In terms of fisheries, we have a big area where we are doing all installations so that we can do a fish processing area and I hope by the end of this year or next year we would have finished with its set-up,” said the president in his second news conference since his election in October.

Ramkalawan added that for agriculture – especially on the outer islands – there is huge potential not only for crops but livestock as well.

“I am following closely the development of agriculture on Coetivy. For example on Coetivy we would be able to return to the position where we are producing a parent stock so that we can produce eggs that can be hatched so that we can get one-day-old chicks that we currently do not have in the country and that we need to import,” he said.

The president added that Islands Development Company which manages the outer islands is also looking at the production of pork, vanilla and prawns though only for local consumption.

On the issue of COVID-19, the president said that the virus is a real obstacle, however, he noted that the government is committed to its containment and treatment.