Rwanda’s Dry Chili to Debut on Chinese Market

Rwanda has been given greenlight to export unprocessed dry chili to China.

The development comes after Rwanda assented to the “protocol for the export of dried chili to China,” on Thursday, March 11.

Inked between the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Rwanda the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, the deal certifies that the quality of Rwanda’s dry chili meets the standards required by the Asian country.

Prior to the signing of the protocol, Rwanda companies were only exporting chili in other forms, for example oil and paste, but not dried chili.

Ambassador James Kimonyo who signed on the behalf of Rwanda said the protocol is yet another proof of the excellent relations between Rwanda and China, as he hinted on how important it is for local suppliers.

“A number of Rwandan companies have already signed cooperation agreements with Chinese buyers of dried chili and were eagerly waiting for the signing of this protocol,” he said.

Noting that Rwandan companies were already exporting processed chili (chilli paste) through partnership with Alibaba, Kimonyo said the addition of dried chili to products allowed into the Chinese market is “a big win for Rwandan chili growers as China is the biggest consumer of chilli in the world with more than 500 million people consuming spicy food on daily basis.”

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