Rwanda: Veteran Gashumba On Passion and ‘Finding Purpose’ in Boxing

It is no news that involving yourself with a career that you are passionate about is fulfilling, and that is what inspired Michel Gashumba to follow his dreams in boxing.

Currently, at 39, Gashumba is a fitness trainer specialised in boxing. He offers classes to various groups of people, including foreigners.

He has been in boxing for the last 15 years, and has ever since ‘lived and breathed boxing’, and he had previously tried out other self-defense disciplines like karate.

Born in a family of 8 boys, Gashumba was not able to go to university after completing the secondary school level, which left him no choice but to invest all his effort into sports.

“I loved sports since I was a young child. I practiced karate for many years until I decided to fully focus on boxing,” he told Weekend Sport this week.

After finishing high school, the father of one joined Rwanda Amateur Boxing Association (RABA), and was with the federation until three years ago when he branched off and decided to start doing boxing on his own at a professional level, and training newcomers.

Besides his boxing passion, Gashumba says the sport also enables him to be physically fit and healthy since it is a great aerobic exercise.

“I have learned that in boxing, one can use it for self-defense and protecting those you lose because it trains you to strike at full power. Obviously, it helps me to be fit and lead a healthy life.”

In 2008, Gashumba traveled to Tunisia for a period of one year for professional training – both theory and fighting aspects, an experience he says shaped his skills and understanding of the game.

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