Rwanda: New Women Councillors Vow Fight Teen Pregnancy

The recently elected women representatives from different parts of the country have been urged to put more effort in tackling teenage pregnancy as one of the pressing issues hindering the country.

The call was made during the induction training of the newly elected representatives from the National Women Council and women representatives from the District Council, on Wednesday, December 29.

A total of 284 women have been elected to be part of the women council at the sector, district and national level.

Addressing the newly elected women leaders, Bellancille Nyiramajyambere, President of the National Women Council said that they expect the women to solve the several issues in the Rwandan families, one of them being teenage pregnancy.

“It is true that the issue of teenage pregnancy is recurring and has been a huge burden to the country but what we have tasked ourselves to do is to conduct campaigns at the community level,”

“And what we expect from the newly elected council of women is to go right in their communities and hold these discussions at family level, talk to the young girls and involve everyone in the family, involve more parents so they can understand that this issue concerns them too” she said.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROFE), a total of 19,701 girls from all over the country gave birth between January and December 2020.

Jeannette Uwingabire, woman representative from Nyarugenge District, as we have trusted and elected, it will be our duty to fulfil the obligations entrusted to us starting with issues like teenage pregnancies.