Rwanda: Kagame Donates Cows to 20 Cyanika Households

Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) on Wednesday, December 9, handed over 20 cows to 20 families of Cyanika Sector, Burera District, a donation previously pledged by President Paul Kagame.

The handover ceremony was officiated by Maj Gen Eric Murokore, Commander of the Reserve Force in the area and Northern Province Governor Jean Marie Gatabazi. Also present was a group of local and senior military leaders.

The 20 families are among households that have voluntarily worked together with local leaders to ensure a safe community. Cyanika sector borders Uganda.

As he handed over the donation, Maj Gen Eric Murokore commended the residents on the transformation of their communities through close collaboration with local leaders.

While selecting the beneficiaries, he noted that priority was given to vulnerable households in society.

“This donation by President Paul Kagame is a token of appreciation. It is also an opportunity to transform your lives. What I ask is that you look after the cows well, because it is important that they serve their purpose.” Maj. Gen Murokore said.

Jean Marie Gatabazi pointed out that the donation was different from cows donated through Girinka, a nation-wide cattle stocking programme that targets the most vulnerable among communities..

Girinka was initiated by President Paul Kagame in 2006 with aim to benefit poor households, as a way of improving their welfare.

Gatabazi told The New Times that over 67,000 families out of a total of 68,000 had so far benefited from the programme in the Northern Province.