Nigerian Idol S6 – the World Will Hear My Name, Says Akunna

The Nigerian Idol finalist who recently bowed out of the competition is full of gratitude for the opportunity to compete in the music reality TV show. Of the 68 contestants who entered the competition, Akunna was the only female who made it to the top three. She attributed her staying power to her “confidence and the fact that I was teachable. I could leverage my intelligence and teachability to pick up cues and apply myself to them every step of the way.” The 23-year-old Entertainment and Intellectual Property (IP) lawyer is also not ignorant of God’s grace in her life.

She considers it a big factor in her journey so far. Akunna also believed she was a worthy competitor in the show, having eminently suited herself to compete at all levels. For her last performance, Akunna performed English singer Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’. That performance, according to her, was the most memorable of her journey in the contest. “The most memorable experience for me throughout my amazing journey in the contest was having the good fortune of performing ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ by Adele. I call it “good fortune” because it was the first time an evicted contestant would be having the opportunity to make a performance.

“Traditionally, evicted contestants bow out of stage but I had the opportunity to perform a remarkable song. That was the perfect swan song; it coincided with my bowing out of the stage. I am glad that I had the privilege to showcase a memorable fire when the rain of my eviction beckoned on me. That’s an emotional and unforgettable experience.” Now that she is out of the contest, Akunna disclosed that she is set for greatness, armed with the lessons she has learnt on the show. “I have learnt some new and interesting dynamics to music in general. I have learnt sportsmanship and teamwork. I do not think it is possible to rise like the Phoenix in such a competition if you do not quickly learn and adopt the specific skills that sportsmanship and teamwork can equip you with.

“Also, I have learnt to be the best version of myself. From the support of my fans, family and friends, I have learnt to believe in myself immensely. Much more than I used to.” But more importantly, Akunna is grateful for the platform and the social benefits that come with it. “I can now walk into music conversations and places without having to introduce myself and I would be given a proper audience. “It will serve as a springboard for me to work with the biggest music gurus in the industry and I am confident the world will hear my name,” she enthused.


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