Nigeria: Lucrative Agricultural Business You Can Do in 2022

One of the most lucrative business sector across the world, including Nigeria, is agriculture. As such, some state governments have embarked on diversifying their revenue sources into this sector.

Certain initiatives, funding and even palliatives are already in place for those who intend to, or are already into agricultural value-chain.

Hence, there are lots of loans or financing options available for agriculture entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

There is a dedicated Bank of Agriculture operated by the federal government through the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and Ministry of Agriculture. Similarly, many business lenders give lots of preference to the agriculture sector.

This, in itself, is a motivator for those who want to have multiple streams of income. So, even if you are a civil servant or having a full-time job, you can invest in agric business.

Agricultural Business For 2022

Here are agric businesses that will give you good returns on investment within a short period of time:

Poultry Farming

Chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and birds in general, would always be in high demand for their meat or eggs. Therefore, this puts poultry farming as one of the most lucrative agric businesses in Nigeria that you can do.

Also, another added advantage is the fact that the cycle for this bird growth is much shorter than planting. In all, it gives room for quick money both in selling bird meat and their eggs.